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Friday, November 04, 2005 :::

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005 :::
muskoka shipso you take the old steamer to the middle of nowhere.

your dropped off.
water surronds you.

you only have the basic camping gear.

its getting colder.
winter is coming.

How do you survive?
muskoka ship

get in good with the locals on the lake.

they'll hook you up

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005 :::
west pointthere was a water photog at the beach on the week end.


the internet is making it so that all those interested in finding high wind & wave conditions can make the scene.


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Friday, October 14, 2005 :::
Subject: Estimate 101 for gtj
Envoy by: Tom 13/10 19:51 Message:

west pointCost of wavesailing run to Picton

100.00$ - 125.00$ gasoline (divided by Co-equipped)

50.00$ the room of the motal not too piteous and quite correct if I remember well (divided by Co-equipped, one were 4 per room without the statement, it goes without saying)

You can assemble your tent in the park but not unquestionable that it is good a idee to sleep in the cold.

Puffs out, the beer, the pot, the eroine, the ace, it is has to you of gerer your consumption the guys!

2 days of epic wavesailing....priceless

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Thursday, October 13, 2005 :::
what I set out to do here, was apply dark text to a light background

well there you have it.

mission accomplished

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 :::
I know, I know, too much about sailing not enough ...... whatever it is all you readers are into......

but hey how many other blogs you hit touch on such an esoteric activity as chasing the wind.

think of it as a metaphor for your own elusive dreams.

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Friday, September 30, 2005 :::
plattz usa 45 kts +more amusing chater via WQ discussing the epic conditions in the northeast yesterday

Subject: Plattsburg Carryforward
Envoy by: Xav 29/09 14:31 Message:
Sacramouille of colaille! Wind is wanted but there, would not be necessary to exaggerate.

Over in 3.2 m/83 liters. It is today that the men of the children were disentangled; I am obliged to note that I still make party of the children...

There had of it several which was spectacular to see, forward loop, backloop, etc. One day perhaps...

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Thursday, September 29, 2005 :::
Lake Champlain
look at these sick sick wind speeds.
Thats too windy to sail in

40 knots plus
and you know at plattz it will be at least 10 knots more

Thermo nuclear as they used to say in the gorge

NOAA Funded Weather Data From Colchester Reef VT
Courtesy of Vermont Monitoring Cooperative
Note: All data are 15-minute averages except the wind gusts which are the
maximum wind in the last 15 minutes.

Current hour Eastern Standard Time (EST) Add one hour for Daylight Time (EDT)

EST Wind Avg Gust Temp RH SLP Pcpn Water
Time Dir kt kt Avg F Ave % mb in. Temp
Latest Data: 09/29/05
900 | 187 | 38 | 43 | 67 | 66 | 993.0 | 0.00 | 63.1
845 | 185 | 36 | 40 | 66 | 67 | 992.0 | 0.00 | 63.0
830 | 185 | 37 | 39 | 66 | 68 | 993.0 | 0.00 | 62.9
815 | 184 | 36 | 39 | 66 | 68 | 994.0 | 0.00 | 62.9

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005 :::
the world visits the magic isleAll the world comes to inspect the magic isle.

photo courtesy WQ

the giant condo ship for people who pay no taxes because they live in no country steams into the st lawerence

meanwhile les habitants rip slash and tear on another epic day

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Monday, September 26, 2005 :::
Sept 26 plattz rocksPlattz NY went off yesterday and it looks like its windy again today.

steady 30kts huge swells

they don't call it the 6th great lake for nothing

funniest part about it all is the fact that out of a hundred or so cars at the spot 95% were from Quebec

Les Habitant rule!

hereis an amusing document written by the local government on the strange impact of the french canadian windsurfer.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 :::
oh yeah plug my url into this amusing site and see how I look pirate style

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the beach at Plattz USAMan I've been so busy in the real world no time for this project. But between all the traveling, fixing, working, biking, sailing, surfing i came across this little exchange between "Les Habitants" on the trouble with border crossing.

google provides the amusing translation

Subject: Report/ratio of Rocks the USA
Envoy by: Gtj101 21/09 07:46 Message:
The customs, it is merde (Shit), even the small customs make shit.

For the next south, it will be Venice for me!

Shit customs. To go, they played us the game that one was public dangers and to return, they made me morals!

It east Elise which led, the customs officer sought us bébittes. Then, he told me HAve yu been arested, No, for what, for what?, Nothing, Why did you been arested, I never been arested, and it it guy played the idiot who read things on his ordi, with his half smile, it one understood that it niaisait us, I never been arested, and I commencais has to find it idiot, and finally it us A lets pass!

Subject: What do you make????
Envoy by: Yannick 21/09 08:23 Message:

You arrive at the customs the 2 very red eyes and the pupils dilatees as Ca may not be in your remainder of van??? The most questions than I have been made posees for 5 years it is: you live or, you go or, why and for how long...??? That' S it!

The only time or Ca A kid, it is because of BGood and its twin brother of the martitimes! A a whole sacree history has to sleep outside! In tk...

Subject: Man....
Envoy by: Ricky_windy 21/09 10:19 Message:

A your really geule of hooligan parce I always had that some questions like Yannick And I already passed 3 times by week during a whole summer!!!

but when have you the 3rd tank of planchist, they say to you just "cuts has good day!"

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 :::
LOOPERThis is classic Quebecois stuff.

On y va!!

Subject: Picton carryforward of Friday 2 seven 2005
Envoy by: Tom 06/09 19:29 Message:
The history begins Thursday with work towards the 3:30 after the new forecasts leave. The data agree well for bringing good wind of west on the Lake Ontario.

We try to assemble a reasonable team in order to cut the prices of the gasoline and to maximize the conversations during the 8 hours of road. Beacoup septic... Nobody on the forum seems to want to touch this end of paradise...

Thursday evening, Simointe (such debranché) Mammoth (which hesite), Marthy which does not find remplacant for the job, the duet God/Tom is for the moment the team which believes in it. Yvente donot can either. But 10:00 Mat2001 has, joint has us. Departure prevu has 6:00 if all is still places Friday morning from there.

Forecast of 25-30 with dimensions Canadian and 20-25 for the Yankees. The whole of the west. Only shade in table... Envi. Do Canada announce of the 20-40 km on the grounds???

Us veiled on the road has 6:45 with Escort full A to crack of stock (the camera of Chechmate is really something!!!).

The 380km are done well and without history, the wind goes up without stop to the Provincial park, the weather is nice sun and so much heat. Wow, which day Ca is announced.

Arrivee has the beach or the wind is 20 nodes but so much onshore that one decide of still going in the rocks (in the curve close to the water of the with dimensions west) right before the point extreme of bay. The wind is quite stable A 25 nodes. One says that Ca must make the same phenomenon which Platts has (more extremely in top) but has Sandbanks, it is not the case according to God which is descended has the beach to test the whole.

One thinks that with the day, the waves will turn the corner and one will send all kinds of air madnesses while returning face side.

Except, that after one hour of 4.7, it is not finally hyper radical like conditions, the waves do not assemble really more (2-4 feet at the edge) and it really misses 3-5 nodes to be in the carpet.

Worse about 1:30, Ca goes up of a notch and, Godz and me let us decidons to cross the bay (approximately 4km broad according to charts') until A Salmon not and in the center there, one finds businesses ridiculous, surfings has great descents but swell!!! Really large swell of nice bastard but who does not break. Except that "to wrinkle" Ca, it is a whole experiment. Arm in the airs after surfing so much it was super.

After some large tacks, one decide to go to play more close to the edge or I arrive has pogner some beautiful waves to send backloops. Not the large ones of more than 15 feet but when same, so easy A to turn when it is side-Shore, like have Maui.

Godz board during this time will lycra some, and not question of shiver (except on the surface of water) For Windman, there is bragged! finally towards the 5:00, like has Cartier, a large black cloud arrives and cuts Ca has 5-10 thereafter nodes) the wind begins again towards 6:30 A 20-25 but too little too late, all is parcelled up in the car and the return is eminant.

Ca maudit!

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005 :::
sept Brittania BeachWell another weekend and soon after some photog took this shot I stepped of my board onto a razor sharp Clam and sliced mt foot to the bone.


Taped it up though and toughed it out.

Too bad I had to work that morning cause I hear the great lakes wave sailing spots were firing.

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Friday, September 02, 2005 :::
Wait for it..... wait for it....

Ha ha
Life goes on.

yeah, its been very tumultuos around here since sk8ing back from the Lakes. No doubt life does go on, but how to best enjoy each moment? That is the question.


However I see that the Quebecois are fully geared up for fall. I love the french attidude totally committed.

on y vas!

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Monday, August 29, 2005 :::
she's alright

she's alright
she's alright
she's alright


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Wednesday, August 24, 2005 :::
dunk dome graf girlthere was no telling her what to do. She was a dynamo in the truest sense of the word.

She had her ideas about fashion.
She had her ideas about what she wanted in a man.

A career
A lifestyle
A plan

Watching her operate was like watching poetry in motion.

She could kill you with a look.
She would promise you more than the garden of eden.

She would take it all back in a flash.
Leave you in a heartbeat without a glance back.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 :::
self potraitThe beauty of getting away is not worrying about deadlines and bedtimes.

thumbs up! waiting for the evening glass off.

self potrait

To bad this sort of luxury cannot go on forever.

But that is neither here nor there really. The final cut has been taken and now we wait for fall. It probably won't take long.

self potrait

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Friday, August 12, 2005 :::
self potraitI once had a buddy I think his last name was "Eisey" he liked to get hammered.

guess what his nickname became?

Red........ Hahahahahahahahaha

get it?

Red Eisey

Well thats all I can come up with now.

Sorry for being a lame blog person..... actually I'm not sorry really because this is such a pointless/thankless/stupid excercise.

Now I'm thinking of going on vacation to one of the many fabulous spots people like me frequent.

Too bad you're sitting somewhere else. Because where I am, right now, you can be certain there is no internet.

and perhaps like Martha used to say.

Thats a good thing.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005 :::
godzthis is one of the inhabitants of quebec enjoying the wind on the shore of lac st jean.


its a long haul to this spot but obviously worth it.

oh and the the lighting was real... and spectacular

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005 :::

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Friday, August 05, 2005 :::

well someones out there ripping.

Sometimes I wonder why I don't have the time to waste chasing the wind.

When in a strange paradox chasing the wind is always the ..... scratch that.. FINDING the wind is always the best thing that can happen to me.

It will alleviate the buildup of stress in my mind and body.

How is it that I can put it off any longer?

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Thursday, August 04, 2005 :::
when I'm not working
or tending to my many ventures
I like to find new and interesting spots

check this if your interested in remote & under explored wind spots

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005 :::
Whoa these two arbourists just trimmed the tree in front of my office window. Lets see... probably a $500 job, they did it in like five minutes.


Now I can see all the way across the river styx.

I was all "Are you gonna have to take it all down?"

and they were all "nah we'll just trim off the dead wood and its all good"

whew, cause I hate that weird void thats there when things your used to disappear.

Now I'm thinking that maybe I could trim off some of the deadwood in my life yah know?

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Thursday, July 28, 2005 :::
star crossedIt was the first time I had been at close quarters with an American girl, and I wondered if all American girls were like her. I hadn’t wit enough to realize that she was not at all typical. Her quick mind and changing moods bewildered me, while her outlook on life was so different from what I conceived such a girl's outlook would be.

I was more often than not perplexed rather than enchanted by her. I could never anticipate what she would say or do next.

Of only one thing was I sure, that was that whatever she said or did, it was bound to be unexpected and utterly charming. There seemed, too, something almost hysterical in her make-up. Her temper was quick and stormy, and that seemed at odds with her laid back California cool. She relied on herself and little on me, which did nothing but reduce my ideal of self.

Her equality with me was disconcerting, and at times I was amazed at the bizarreness of her intrusion upon my island adventure. Imagine, she was staying over at a luxurious hotel. It was all on par with her green bikini and flowing blonde mane.

At any rate, she did look the part. And that was what I couldn’t get past. Had she been short-haired, heavy-jawed, large-muscled, hard-bitten, and utterly unlovely in every way, all would have been well.

I could have moved on.

Instead she was hopelessly and deliciously feminine. Her hair fascinated me, it was so generously beautiful. And she was so slender and pretty this woman/girl. It rather cut me like a knife to see her, with quick,comprehensive eyes and that sharply beautiful body, she launched through the surf. In imagination I could see her ripping a wave or spinning a loop, and it made me shudder.

Then, too, she was so many-sided. Her knowledge of literature and art surprised me, while deep down was the feeling that a girl who knew such things was clearly far smarter than me. Such things in her brain such crazy experiences she had already had. While for such a girl to insist that she was going to be staying on the island made me dizzy with the possibilities, but of course as with all creatures this precious, she was smitten by another.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 :::
MOntrealShe smoked her cigarette and gazed thoughtfully at the neighbourhood down below the balcony. For half an hour she had been steadily regarding it, and for half an hour I had been slyly watching her. Something was going on in that mind of hers, and,
whatever it was, I knew it was well worth knowing. She had lived life, and seen things, and performed that prodigy of prodigies, namely, the turning of her back upon her own people, and, in so far as it was possible for an English girl, becoming a French woman even in her mental processes. As she phrased it herself, she had come into the province, sat among us, on Montreal wrought iron porches, and become one of us. She had learned to read and write. Her vocabulary was remarkable. What was remarkable still was the completeness with which she had assumed the peculiar French Canadian “joual”. The French attitude toward things, the same point of view.

We had arrived back from the ocean. A hard day on trail. The truck had been parked, the surfboards put away, the beds made, and we were now enjoying that most delicious hour that comes each day, and but once each day, the sun bathed the Mont Royal skyline, the hour when nothing intervenes between the tired body and bed save the smoking of the evening cigarette. Some former denizen of the Apartment had decorated its walls with illustrations torn from 1970’s Oui and playboy magazines, and it was these illustrations that had held my attention from the moment of our arrival two hours before. I studied them intently, ranging from one to another and back again, I wondered why she left them untouched on her walls. I could see that there was uncertainty in her mind, and bepuzzlement. I knew then that our romance wouldn’t last past the summer, but still the time was right and I beckoned her to join me in bed.

The seduction was complete.

We surely found in each other what was needed at the time.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 :::
People jump off bridges all the time, metaphorically speaking anyways.

last night I had a great idea to write about, but now I just can't put my finger on it.........

you know tip of the tongue feeling... that elusive just out of your grasp thing.


but I won't sweat it....not worth the worry right anti?

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Monday, July 25, 2005 :::
Wakefiled covered bridgeSometimes you just gotta rip off your clothes and jump in.

If you wait for the right time, it may never come.

waters to cold..... nahhhh

Fortune favours the bold.

you gotta make your luck

blah blah blah blah......

Up in these parts summer is short. So when the weather is good people are on it.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005 :::
self potraitBad to the bone....

yeah I like to balk at convention.

I think of myself as somehow different


I suppose that sounds bad or conceited. I guess it is.

Only ego maniacs would have a blog anyways... soo if the show fits.

Jack of all trades.
Master of none.

A renessaince man.
A lover not a fighter.......

except on the rink!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 :::
self potraitbefore....

then nasty crash.....

self potraitafter

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Monday, July 18, 2005 :::
The old man and the seaThe old man was fighting.

Fighting for his life.

The Marlin was fighting.

Fighting for its life.

A battle between equals. A battle between respected elders.

Nobody won.

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